Attic Home Office.

Would you love the idea of working from home but you feel you don’t have the space? If your answer to this question is Yes, have you considered an attic home office?

An attic home office is achievable by the simple addition of a set of attic stairs coupled with flooring within your loft space. The loft flooring will be laid to enable you to walk over the surface and set up an office desk and chair.

Tyrone Attic Stairs specialise in the installation of attic flooring and we have a couple of attic stairs for you to choose from.

We can help turn your dream of an home office in the attic into a reality.


The most cost effective option for you, if you are working on a budget is the wooden attic stairs which are also our most popular product.

The wood loft ladders simply fold up in 2-3 sections which in turn stack on top of each other on the loft hatch when its fully closed.

All the wood loft ladders within our range include non-Slip treads set flush with ladder strings, stile ends, white hatch, three seals and a handrail.

If you fancy a little bit of luxury then you can opt for one of our electric loft ladders. You have the choice of full electric or semi automatic.

The electric loft ladders work in the exact same way as the wooden option you simply press the button and the ladder will unfold it’s self.

If you like the idea of an attic home office and want more information or advice on loft flooring & attic stairs get in touch with our expert team today.