Loft Flooring

Turn unused space into storage or even a new room with high quality loft flooring.

Extra space with loft flooring

The team at Blueprint. Home Improvement are experts in loft and attic flooring. Our specialist team has been installing highest quality flooring in lofts and attics across the UK & Ireland for over 15 years.

Loft flooring your attic can give you and your home many extra benefits

It creates extra space
Installing loft flooring can create upwards of 50% extra usable space, meaning you can also de-clutter other areas of your home or create a new room altogether!

Over 60% of lofts are already used for storage, so you might not see the point of loft flooring your attic. However many attics are unsuitably designed to get the most out of them, with storing items being a difficult task to do; we’ve all stood on the ladder and tried to move items around.
By flooring your attic not only will you have extra space, but putting your items up there will also be easier as you’ll be able to go into the attic itself, and not have to perch precariously on a ladder!

Heat loss
Usually when you have an attic floor installed, extra insulation is placed at the same time. But even if it’s not, loft flooring can help your home become more efficient and warmer; so you’ll save money on your energy bills!

Increase the value of your home
The more space you have in your home, the more it’s worth, and this is exactly what loft flooring does! Having that extra space, whether it’s for storage or for everyday use can really make a difference to the value of your home.

Blueprint. Loft Flooring
Our 18mm moisture resistant chipboard, is simply perfect for the floor surface of any loft or attic.
The grooved nature of this flooring means that we can install a solid, continuous surface without any gaps. We use screws for the installation so any future need for cabling can be easily accommodated for.
Blueprint. Home Improvement loft flooring is a premium quality, affordable service that brings an extra level of safety to your loft or attic space.
If you want to use your loft for storing heavy items, or to transform it into another room then you may need to consider reinforcing or strengthening your floor area. It is important that such an important task is carried by experienced, skilled professionals to ensure the maximum safety of your loft area.

If you would like to know more about our flooring, or you would like to arrange a free, no obligation survey from one of our expert team,