Roof Windows

Extend the possibilities of daylight, fresh air and a fantastic view in your home with professionally installed Velux or Fakro Windows.

Roof Windows

Blueprint. Home Improvement specalise in the supply and fit of Fakro and Velux roof windows across the UK and Ireland.

Extend the possibilities of daylight, fresh air and a fantastic view in your home with a chose of:

Top Hung Window

The top control bar makes it convenient for you to open and close the window even with furniture placed underneath. Available in pine or a white polyurethane finish and in a number of sizes and glazing options.

Centre Pivot

The bottom handle allows you to open the window outwards and gives you an unobstructed view and feeling of extra space; The perfect choice for windows in easy reach.

 Fire Escape

Choosing the right windows for your home is not just about getting the design and style right. To meet current Building Regulations, for dwelling houses with one upper floor & served by only one stair not more than 4.5m above ground level, at least one window per first floor habitable room must be large enough to allow a means of escape, should the usual routes become blocked.

 Our windows are available to comply with fire escape standards, meaning you can ensure safety as well as beauty.

Our Suppliers

Fakro Windows

High quality materials and state of the art production techniques enable FAKRO to ensure excellent quality control and create durable, safe and functional roof windows.

Velux Windows

VELUX roof windows can help you maximise the quantity and quality of natural light and ventilation that buildings receive, taking projects to the next level.

Installing roof windows can make a world of difference to a room. It is a fast and straightforward process, and not as costly as you may think. For further information and a quote contact our team today.