Types of Loft Ladders.

When it comes to choosing a loft ladder you may find it hard to decide which one to select. You may be wondering which type of loft ladder will fit my attic door.

Tyrone Attic Stairs specialise in the supply and installation of loft ladders throughout the UK and Ireland. Our expert team are only happy to assist you in choosing the type of loft ladder which best suits your home.

There are 2 main types of loft ladders, wooden and electric.


Wooden Loft Ladders

These types of loft ladders are by far the most popular, with their simple folding action. The wooden ladder units simply fold up, normally in 2-3 sections which stack on top of each other on the loft hatch once its fully closed.

All the wooden loft ladders include, Non-Slip treads set flush with ladder strings, stile ends, white hatch, three seals and a handrail.

Electric Loft Ladders

We offer 2 types of electric loft ladders, semi-automatic or full electric.

Both types of electric loft ladders work in the same way as the folding wooden loft ladders. With the simple press of a button the ladder will unfold it’s self.

If you are still undecided which types of loft ladders you would like then contact us today for help, advice and more information.