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Loft Conversions And Other Home Renovation Ideas

A person’s home is their castle. But not every home has an especially majestic look. That’s where home renovation comes in. Of course, there’s a number of renovation ideas, everything from simply taking out old appliances and putting in new ones to building entirely new rooms onto the house.

However, one of the most beneficial renovations you could have done is a loft addition. Lofts are small rooms, generally being made via remodeling an attic. Even if your home doesn’t have an attic, a loft can be added by simply building an extension.

Still, there are some things you should consider when looking to remodel your home. You’ll need the right contractor, and you’ll need a few home renovation ideas, as well. And of course, getting a few ideas of how to add that loft can’t hurt, either!

Finding the Right Contractor

Of course, the right contractor for any kind of home renovation is the key to quality work. This is especially true of loft conversions, where it’s important to make use of every single inch of space. Some contractors actually specialize in lofts, though they tend to require extra work since they’ll have to contract out things such as electrical work and plumbing.

Other, more generalized contractors can also handle lofts since they’re not quite so different from other elements of a building. That is, if a contractor can add a new bedroom, they can generally do pretty well with a loft conversion. Still, specialists do tend to emerge in areas where lofts are common. If lofts are common enough in your area, it may be easier to find a specialist contractor. You may even find several competing contractors, allowing you to shop around for the best price.

The main place to look for renovators is to ask around among your friends, family, and colleagues to see if they can name a contractor they’ve worked with before and can vouch for their work. This is usually a simple matter of speaking to one’s friends and others and just asking them about such things in casual conversation. This goes double if someone you know has recently had work done on their homes, particularly if that work also involved work on a loft. If you can get the name of a good contractor from someone you trust, that’s definitely a good place to start.

Consulting these contractors first is a good idea, but if they did good work for someone you know, they can probably manage good work for you as well.

Why Are Lofts So Beneficial?

The simple truth is that most houses have an attic. It may be more of a crawl space, but there’s a storage area between the ceiling and the roof.

That being the case, a loft gives your home an additional bedroom. If done right and your home has enough space, there can even be a stand-up shower or a sink and toilet installed. The more elegant jobs do cost more, but they increase the overall value of your home. A loft can create room for your family to grow, give you space to rent out for extra money, and even increase the final sales price should you ever choose to sell.

Solo Loft Conversion Ideas

One particularly colorful way to convert one’s loft is to add a planter box outside a window. This might call for some professional help if a box does not already exist and is not easily accessible high up. However, there are few things quite so pleasant to wake up into on a warm spring morning to see a box of healthy, colorful flowers. Imagine greeting the sun by opening the windows and watering these plants, giving you a morning routine to help you gain a sense of peace and serenity. Remember that while a flower box installation is a simple, safe procedure on ground level, it’s more dangerous one or two stories up. Don’t risk your safety if you don’t have to, make sure to call a professional.

Another worthwhile to convert one’s loft is to add a new bed. This can definitely be a job for a professional if the bed is large and hard to move. While a contractor can restructure the loft to accommodate the bed, you might want to hire movers for the bed itself. Beds are heavy and awkward, after all!

While it may not be entirely necessary if one only wants to move a small futon, a larger, more elaborate bed, perhaps even with a bed frame, can be the work of a moving contractor with some experience in moving in tight spaces. Most areas with a lot of loft living spaces tend to have moving contractors who know how to handle that kind of job, but some moving contractors will charge extra for such a complex job.

Consider Entertainment Options For Your Loft

Adding some entertainment options to a loft can be a somewhat less complex conundrum. Still, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. A basic electronic entertainment set up is fairly simple, particularly if the electronics are small. Without the need for more than a few square feet, you can have a flat screen television and media center. With modern technology, it’s easy enough to add internet connection. That gives you streaming video.

Additional devices such as speakers, DVD players, and video game consoles are about on the same level of difficulty to set up in a loft, particularly since these devices are also getting smaller yet at the same time increasingly powerful. It should also be noted that contractors can put small niches into a part of the building around the loft to accommodate larger set-ups. However, the more space to things like entertainment, the less living space you’ll have.

Moving the sofa or lounge chair up to the loft to go with the entertainment electronics set up is in a similar boat as moving a bed, though. While a simple office chair to use is a task for some muscle and determination, such a small piece of furniture. A more elaborate set up is naturally a much more difficult matter, often times intended for a serious professional rather than a simple act of moving easily to move pieces of furniture.

A bookshelf can also do wonders for a loft’s level of comfort and soothing appearance. While the gargantuan bookshelves of libraries or the large and high-class bookshelves found in mansions are far, far too large and heavy to put in a loft, small book shelves can absolutely be done. While a small shelf is more than available in do it yourself kits, the right contractor can actually modify the space in the loft itself to create a small niche large enough to store a surprisingly large amount of books or other personal items that make a loft seem more comfortable and appealing to one’s personal sense of style and peacefulness.

Full Renovation that Include Lofts

When doing a full renovation of a home, it is not always an easy matter to include a loft in the work being done, but it can be done with few problems if one is willing to pay for the work. The work that can be done during a full renovation can even create a new loft out of empty space, though doing so, of course, requires a sizable amount of empty space to make it work.

As mentioned about, creating a new loft during a complete renovation requires a good deal of space. This is typically unused space in a wide open room which not everybody wants to be rid of. Still, the extra floor space can be useful for accommodating new additions to the family or offering more space to guests. This is typically vertical space in a room tall enough to accommodate a loft. The most expensive houses on Earth typically include tall rooms large enough to accommodate a sizable loft, but most homes and buildings tend to allow for much smaller lofts, which some people can and will prefer over a wide open space.

That said, lofts will also have to be brought up to local building codes, whatever they may be. A contractor who knows how to build a loft should also know the exact specifications for making a loft up to code. A legal loft is capable of handling all but the most unreasonable weight limits, typically well over the weight that might be held combining furniture, creature comforts and multiple people living in the same place. This requires firm and stable backing to all the floor space, which can definitely fill up space beneath the loft, as well as require some costly materials to bring the raised floor space up to the standards of local building codes.

Naturally, when the work’s done, many municipalities require that the work be examined by a city inspector, though not every part of the country requires this for every private residence. That said, when doing so for a residence intended to take on tenants, this kind of inspection is absolutely required for all living spaces.

Things To Avoid

The final thing you should consider is the overall aesthetic of your home. That is, what does your home look like? Will the addition of a loft or another room make it look odd? Some people don’t mind having a home that looks like it was built of building blocks. Other people feel that’s inappropriate and would rather their home look more streamlined.

You should also avoid any contractor who claims you need more space than you really do. They may be right that you would need to build more floor space to have a loft. Yet this is often times a ploy to sell extra work that you don’t really need. If a contractor suggests this, get a second or third opinion. Be prepared to hear that the first contractor was right, but don’t be surprised if you find a contractor who can use your existing floor space.

Ultimately, any home renovation project is going to be a major process. It takes skilled professionals to do the work, and that’s going to cost money. It involves ripping your home apart in order to add new pieces, and that upsets your everyday schedule.

But a new loft can be an amazing way to make use of otherwise useless space in your home. It can be a way to earn a little more money. Or it can just be a nice new bedroom.